About Us

At V3 Liquids & Engineering Works, we are committed to excellence in providing high-quality engineering solutions for a diverse range of projects. With years of experience and expertise in the industry, we have established ourselves as a trusted name among our clients.

Our company specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of various engineering products, including paving bricks, liquid solutions, and other construction materials. We take pride in our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Thank you for considering V3 Liquids & Engineering Works for your engineering needs. We look forward to serving you and building lasting partnerships based on trust, quality, and mutual success.


Top-Quality Machinery

Supplying top-notch Paver Moulds and Tiles making machines, known for user-friendliness, durability, and efficiency.

Innovative Solutions

Investing in cutting-edge infrastructure and maintaining strict quality control, focusing on innovation for seamless operations and timely delivery.

Client Satisfaction

Our machinery is widely demanded for making tiles, pavers, and mixing hard-wearing material in various industries, delivering excellence to our clients.

Continuous Improvement

Constantly looking to innovate and refine our machinery to sustain our reputation among clientele, enhancing project visualization and coordination for precision and efficiency.

Why Choose V3 Liquids & Engineering Works?

V3 Liquids & Engineering Work's offer a wide range of materials, including paver bricks, for manufacturing purposes.


Pigment Paste

Pigma paste is beneficial for iron oxide powder, when mixed with iron oxide lacquer, it doesn't mix well and it doesn't last well. This paste mixes quickly with lacquer and bonding with bricks.



Mold Oil Easy release, protects mold life, allows for break-free demolding with minimal damage, enhances surface finish.HardenerIncreases strength, promotes fast curing, facilitates efficient demolding.


Water Proof

Waterproofing reduces moisture absorption, inhibiting the growth of black and yellow mold/mildew.Extends Brick Lifespan:By minimizing water infiltration, waterproofing protects bricks from freeze-thaw damage and spalling.



V3 Liquids paver block mold is a tool or form used in the manufacturing process of paver blocks. The mold is typically made of metal, plastic, or rubber and is designed to give the concrete paver blocks their desired shape, texture, and pattern.



V3 Liquids color oxides offer diverse hues for paving blocks, backed by extensive R&D. Ensures long-lasting color vibrancy, enhanced durability, and radiant appearance with V3 Liquids.


Recycled Sheet

V3 Liquids Create robust retaining walls with moisture-resistant recycled plastic sheets. Ensure lasting support for landscaping. Consider recycled plastic wall cladding for durable interior projects.